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Habte Garment

Habte Garment was founded in 2014 in Ethiopia as a ready-made garment manufacturer.  The company was first conceptualized by a young entrepreneur now the CEO and founder named Habtesilasse G/kristos.  Habte Garment realized investments and expanded into related companies.

Under the Habte Garment umbrella, there are three companies in the related sector. There are KURTTA (the first kids’ clothing brand in Ethiopia), Digital textile printing silk screen, and heat transfer printing. In our printing houses, we print different fabrics print on different materials. Wanaw is a proudly Ethiopian sportswear brand that offers high-quality and affordable sportswear for professionals and enthusiasts.  WANAW aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among Ethiopians and beyond, by providing comfortable, durable, and stylish clothing that can suit any workout. WANAW also supports local communities by creating employment opportunities and using locally sourced materials”

At Habte Garment, we strive to be a pioneer in our sector, to create and make quality clothing, and other casual garment products with innovative designs at a reasonable price. We also strive to control the complete production chain to guarantee garment quality and ensure social compliance.


To manufacture eco-friendly products, perfectly comparable to international standards, to be customer focused, and globally competitive. We plan to do this by offering top quality, innovative and creative designs, and through the latest technology. We aim to be the leading textile and digital printing company on the continent.


To become the global leader in the Garment and printing (digital textile and silk screen) industry by empowering our customers with affordable top-quality products achieved by continued innovation and improvement in product service we provide.

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