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KURTTA Kids’ Wear

KURTA is an ethical brand that works under Habte Garment and Printing and produces a variety of creative designs for kids’ sportswear, pajamas, after-school closings, jackets, and t-shirts all made of 100% cotton. The creative and fashionable designs have a
knack for making our customers fall in love with them. The uniqueness of our closing lies in the fact that our brand does not
copy other styles and thus maintain its own existanc

KURTTA Kids’ Wear is a manufacturing and retail store for kids wear with good quality and latest trends. KURTTA present an extensive range of kids wear that are manufactured using different fabrics such as Cotton, Silk, Wool and others. Available in a wide range of gorgeous colors, designs and prints, these apparels are designed keeping in mind the most up-to-date fashion trends. KURTTA is a kids’ cloth manufacturing and retail shop that supplies a quality kid’s war using a quality material, design conformation, embroidery, stitching, stability, and finishing and color tastiness. 

For different age groups, our variety of children’s wear is offered in different sizes and is tremendously comfortable to wear. Our offered clothing collections for kids are underwear, pack-outs, T-shirts, pajamas, complete clothes, jumpsuits, and newborn clothes. Kurta products are one of the trendiest as well as the most comfortable garments for kids and it’s available in eye-catching prints and colors. The KURTTA Kid’s Wear is currently leading the market with its lovely designs and prints, eye-catching colors, comfort, and durability.

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